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2012-04-14 15.52.51Ok, so I submitted Wild Royal to a company on invitation…then I heard nothing back from them.

Back again

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It’s been a little over a year since my last post and many things have changed. I finished the first and second novels in my series. then I realized both of them needed re-writes. I’ve starting re-writing the first novel which, upon second inspection, is really two novels in one. I used a really good software that helped me focus my ideas and flesh out my world and characters. Dramatica 4.0 was especially helpful during the rewrite. Of course I spent time at the GenCon Writers Symposium this year, and it was especially useful. Those seminars were really the reason I took the chance this year and submitted to the contest. I’ve begun quite a few writing activities in the hopes of getting published within the year. Becoming a paid author will come with time and perseverance. Right now just getting out there is more important.

Moving on…

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So I finished my 2nd manuscript. I thought it would take longer than it did, but once I sat down and really started writing the ending just came together. I’m celebrating by setting it to the side and just chilling out for a while. I started outlining the third novel in the series and I have a new idea for another series that I think will be a lot of fun. It’s just an idea though, nothing on paper yet. Gencon is coming next week, so I’ll be gaming and vacationing for a few days. I’ll also be reading some of the novel to published writers and publishers and a couple agents, so that should be pretty cool. All in all it’s been a fairly productive summer and it looks like it will be a productive winter too!

Busy Summer

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This summer’s been extremely busy as far as writing goes. I finished the fourth draft of my first novel and I’m reading for critiques at an industry seminar at Gencon. If you don’t know what is I highly recommend you check it out . I’m also almost finished with the first draft of my second novel, with maybe a few chapters to go for the ending. I’ll start outlining the third novel after our vacation, but then we’ll have to get ready to move. Hubby took a job offer in Raleigh, NC so we’re headed out of state and plan to be settled by the end of September.

I’m looking forward to an equally busy fall!

It’s been awhile

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Summer’s started and it’s taken a long time for me to blog about writing. it’s going well, though. I’m about to begin edit #4 on the first book and I hit the 200 page mark on the second book this week. I’ve spent the first part of this summer felling better and getting into the writing like I should and it’s been working great. I’ve hit a couple roadblocks, but then that’s the wonderful world of the creative!