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2012-04-14 15.52.51Ok, so I submitted Wild Royal to a company on invitation…then I heard nothing back from them.

Procrastination and Fear of Rejection

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Fear makes me do silly things: Turning on the light in a dark room after watching a scary movie; not sleeping in the lovely finished basement because I fear the killer clown from my childhood nightmares lives under the steps. It also made me procrastinate about drafting the cover letter to my novel. The novel that went through four re-writes over several years. I was too busy to sit down and draft it. There were too many other pressing things that needed to get done, or so I told myself. Last weekend I decided, yup, I just plain didn’t want to write it. I did FINALLY draft a cover letter, but only after taking the weekend and doing everything under the sun but the letter. I kept finding things to do in the house, things that sat for months untouched, suddenly needed my immediate attention. So I procrastinated until there were no other distractions. Finally, the cover letter was born. It is simple, it is three paragraphs, and drafting it allowed me to move forward with this endeavor. I also drafted an author bio, which is requested by some publishers, and the ever-important blurb. I would not have completed those elements had I not stopped procrastinating with the cover letter.

My fear stems, not from actually writing the letter. Rather, having written the letter, I have only one thing left to do – submit, and face either rejection or acceptance. The odds of rejection are rather favorable. Not that I think I wrote a bunch of crap, but I understand the nature of the publishing beast, and it is highly likely that I will be rejected. There it is, and it’s a difficult reality to come to.

All that said, I have completed the cover letter, and the synopsis, and the author bio. Phew! It’s all in the hands of my live-in editor, my second pair of eyes. The next step is out the door, no matter what!

Take your time

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I took a long break from writing to let the proverbial dust settle on the last re-write. It’s been months and, although I’ve thought about the novel and the story, I haven’t had the motivation to get back to it again. I’ve been writing for submission to anthologies and contests mostly. I’ve even fleshed out a few character backgrounds, but nothing substantial for the current novel. I’ve decided that I need to get back into the swing of things. I’m starting by using my handy dandy new phone to better organize my writing and development time. I’ve realized that I need to set my writing time in stone, commit to the plan and then DO IT if I am ever to submit this two and a half years worth of work. In the meantime I do believe I have been working on the craft, honing my skills if you will, so that the submission will be met with success.

Back to Work

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So it only took Friday, the weekend, and Monday, but I’m finally back to work on the book. I’m working on the synopsis today and I’ve done the research as to form and content. It should go fairly well. Most of what I’ve read indicates that authors typically hate this part of the process, but I’m actually looking forward to it. I need to see that the novel makes sense. I followed my outline during the writing process and I think it does, but there’s nothing like seeing some different incarnation of your ideas to prove to you that either things work well, or they don’t. I still have time to make changes and revisions and I feel like the synopsis will help me do that before I attempt to submit the work to  professional.


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I planned to work on my synopsis and research contacts today. It’s almost 1pm and I have done neither of those things. I think I did everything under the sun but work on the book today. I did get things done around the house which needed to be done, so in that way it’s a good thing, but I might have to push the synopsis and research back probably until Monday. Tomorrow’s the party and Sunday we’re hosting mother’s day at our house. There’s no way I’m going to get anything done this weekend for the book. I will try to push something out before I go to bed tonight, maybe.