Trials of The Hunt Chapter 35

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Lord Levin gripped his cap tighter, wrinkling the brim, as she said that. It gave him no negotiating power in the matter. She’d given the king and queen the ability to bestow any punishment on Tallis, Lord Levin and House Emberiz that they saw fit. It would be a disaster, unless she and Gannon were to marry. He became more determined than ever to make this courtship work.

“Yes, Lady Tallis, you will atone for your behavior. And to make certain your atonement is befitting the slight, I proclaim that whatsoever is to be House Lupuna’s punishment as handed down by the king’s counsel, House Emberiz shall take our part in it. It was, after all, your dreadfully childish behavior which caused this noble house to squander hundreds of thousands of coin on a party in your honor that you intended to snub. If you plan to become part of the ruling noble house, you should learn what it means that we are held to a higher standard by the great people of Taladae. I do not take such actions lightly, young lady. As a lady of the court you have been raised to know better than to abandon social plans with the noble houses at the last moment. Your uncle should be ashamed of your lapse in judgment. I can only imagine what this treatment of House Lupuna will cost House Emberiz.”

Kirwin placed his hand delicately on Aurora’s. A reminder that they were in no position to make any kind of challenge to any of the nobility with a vote of confidence just around the corner. He interjected calmly.

“Know that your plea does not fall on deaf ears. We understand the circumstances surrounding a betrothal can be stressful, at best. We want to work with House Emberiz to see to our young couple’s comfort and stability in this most important time. Now, I understand we have a wonderful outdoor tea to tend to. I hate cold tea. Shall we, dear?” he took Aurora’s hand and led her to the garden.

outdoor teaThe group adjourned to a beautiful tea arrangement outdoors beneath the mangroves, which had come to a full stop in the afternoon daylight. The queen looked around the garden, inspecting every inch of her surroundings, until she finally settled into her seat. After everyone was seated, Gannon sat across from Tallis. She avoided his stare and looked down at the table, her cheeks practically burning from all the embarrassment of the day.

Everyone was short with her, except Gannon. He was proving to be quite the gentleman, catching her as she fell, helping her up, holding her and supporting her through her apology. He had been the one she wronged, but he did not show displeasure with her. Perhaps her uncle was right. Maybe he was a good man deep down. Maybe he’d make a fine husband. But he was no king. Padraig would be king someday…someday soon. It was well known he’d begun taking his rituals. And the gossip was that Kirwin was ready to step down from the throne. The woman Padraig would marry would be queen. She wanted to be that woman.

But her ladies knew nothing about Padraig. There was no gossip from which to glean a smidgen of personality. He’d not been seen publicly with a lady in who knows when, although the gossip was that Gannon cleaned up a lot of the heir’s dirty business. If she could only meet him, only speak with him for a while. He could see her beauty, her tact, her intelligence. He would want her.

“Lady Tallis, I brought a gift for you to the ball. Apologies that you were unable to attend, but I understand your delicate position. I would like you to have this if it please you.” He presented her with the pure white teacup, filled with the delicate yellow and orange pelliwort flower. It was in full bloom now that the daylight had hit the petals.

The entire table hushed the moment he made the presentation.

“Highness,” she gushed, “I am ever so flattered at such a beautiful and personal gift. You should not have gone to the trouble for me.”

She bowed her head to him and clasped her hands around her own teacup. Gannon set the cup in the center of the table and the teacup glowed slightly in the waning daylight.

“Beautiful, my son,” replied the queen. She hated him so. Marrying him off and sending him to the country is what she’d wanted for so long, she could smell it. If she had to taste a bit of bile along the way, then so be it.

“Yes, good show, my friend.” Turi winked at him with a look of concern in his face. They would have to talk after everyone left.

Kirwin stood up to address the party and everyone quieted immediately.

“My son, your absence was felt for a very long time. I am happy to have you back. And I am happy to share this courtship with you and with Lady Tallis’ family. House Emberiz may rest easy knowing their daughter will be in capable, caring hands.”

“Thank you, father.” Gannon stood as well. “The daylight wanes, the dinner hour approaches. My most sincere thanks for everyone’s attendance. I hope this afternoon brings us all closer together and I hope, truly, that Lady Tallis and her accompaniment will join me for dinner this evening.”

She blushed and looked at her uncle next to Gannon. “My prince, I-”

“You’re already at the palace, there’s no need to consider travel or accommodations as you’re already boarding in my mother’s quarters. I promise a beautiful evening, a hearty meal, good conversation…and perhaps we can get to know each other a little better.”

He trapped her, and she knew it. She couldn’t deny his offer in front of everyone. But, she said in the beginning they had to make it look real. He was trying and she couldn’t fault him for it.

“I would be honored to join you, highness, and I thank you kindly for the invitation.” She said, bowing her head to him.



Tackling Writer’s Block

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blockYou sit down to write and nothing happens. You decide to check email, maybe Facebook, Pinterist and a couple other social networking sites, and before you know it, you’ve blown through your allotted writing time for the night. You resolve to try it again tomorrow night.  Copy, paste – same thing happens for days in a row. Do you have writer’s block? Are you unable to get words on paper because you can’t get past a mental block?

Minimum Goals

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Three hundred words. That’s my nightly goal. My minimum, I should say. if I can crank out 300 a day I’m doing good. If I can get around 500 it’s been a good night. I type all day at work and to say that it can be monotonous is an understatement. Of course at work I don’t have music or t.v. to distract or inspire me (there are other distractions, but few things inspire me at work;). So right now, 300 is the goal. So far I’ve been able to meet that goal easily, and a few nights I get 500. Blogging and Facebook and Twitter don’t count. Only the real bare bones writing.