Trials of The Hunt – Chapter 48

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Padraig approached Turi. “I shall take your lady’s hand to present a gift…if you will, Lord Turi.”

Trials of The Hunt – Chapter 42

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“Nothing directly. I sensed that she is not happy with meeting in public, so I invited her to lunch tomorrow. Turi accepted on her behalf.”

“Turi will be the one who makes this happen, I can see that now. His direct influence on her is paramount to getting her to agree to this publicly…give her lunch. Take your brothers. Spare no expense, from our private coffers, of course. Show both of them that you’re serious about taking care of her. Show them that House Lupuna supports their entry into our ruling house. If done just right, it may be the last luncheon you have to arrange.”

Trials of The Hunt – Chapter 43

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“Why be a princess when I could be a queen, dear uncle?”

Trials of The Hunt – Chapter 45

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“My prince,” interrupted Gaduriel, bowing, “the use of a herald to announce such official events is often approved by the king or queen to signify an imminent announcement or engagement. Let us not forget the rather public embarrassment House Lupuna recently suffered during your brother’s betrothal proceedings. If all is to go well, and appearances to be kept, the king’s office and official seals are an appropriate method by which to make such pronouncements.”

Trials of The Hunt – Chapter 39

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“He’s a little worse for the wear, but he’s fine.”

“Really? You don’t see what I do. You don’t know what it’s done to him. He can never go back to the way it was before. I can’t lose you like that too.”

Gannon wanted to argue. He wanted to insist. There was no use. Dillion had already gone into the bathroom and shut the door behind him. Gannon laid on the bed and wrapped in a light blanket.

When he opened his eyes, Dillion was over at the closet shuffling through coat jackets and flicking unobservable bits of lint.

“Tonight is important, you need to look your absolute best. Blue is good with a nice white shirt, it will look good underneath the moonlight should you be blessed with some. Few women can resist a nice looking man in a starched white shirt.”

“Well, you are just all about my wardrobe, aren’t you?”

Dillion smiled. “Given today’s events, it would behoove you to think positively about your dinner. Do not let on that anything has happened. You don’t want to scare her away. She’s not knowledgeable about the Horde. Keep it that way, at least until she has to know. Be a gentleman. Hold her chair, stand when she stands, sit when she sits, hold her hand…you know, the usual game. Polite conversation only. Don’t bring up yesterday at all.”

Gannon laughed heartily, and was surprised when it didn’t hurt.

“I’ve never courted a woman officially before, but I am well-versed in how to treat a lady. I think I shall do well tonight.”

“I noticed the tea cup in the kitchen. You didn’t present it to her?”

“I did, but she didn’t take it.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you. Today was all about apologies and politics. I’m sure she was overwhelmed. Confronting the king and queen about her behavior was…difficult I would assume.”

Gannon knew better. “I have no doubt. I don’t think she’s very skilled in the art of courtly intrigue.”

“Perhaps that’s a good thing. You’d better get ready. The dinner hour approaches. You wouldn’t want to be late. Don’t forget your flower,” he said walking out of the bedroom, and he continued speaking on his way out the front door, “and flattery, Gannon, women like flattery!”

Gannon smiled. He felt safe just knowing that Dillion left him alone. His little nap must have yielded plenty of time for Dillion to go over the bedroom and the bathroom and feel confident enough to let him be. He changed clothes quickly, no bath this time, grabbed the tea cup flower, and headed straight to the queen’s guest quarters.

Turi was pacing the front door.


“A little. You?”

Gannon sighed, holding out his stark white teacup, yellow flower peeking just over the brim.

“She left it?”

“I’m sure it was difficult for her. Apologies, another invitation, the queen spoke of punishment…I don’t fault her at all. I am, however, hoping that tonight can mean forward progress for this courtship. There are expectations, Turi. I dare not fail my father in this.”

“I understand. We have spoken to her, she understands what’s at stake. I promise, tonight you will move toward an official announcement.”

Tallis had sent her ladies-in-waiting out to buy the most expensive, most fashionable dress the palace markets had to offer. They didn’t disappoint. They brought back the most luxurious green and black silk and lace ankle length dress that she’d ever seen…well, ever seen off the rack.

The doorknob turned and she emerged, fresh faced and elegantly dressed. For once, Gannon was glad he’d listened to Dillion and wore the nice gray suit. He thought they looked rather nice together.

He offered her his arm, “My lady, you look absolutely stunning tonight.” It wasn’t exaggeration. There was a part of him that wished it could work for them…a small part.

He offered her the teacup.

“My lord, you honor me with such a beautiful gift and with your invitation tonight.” She curtseyed and bowed her head to him and both he and Turi were impressed.

She still hasn’t accepted.

“I’ll keep watch over the flower. You two head on out,” offered Turi. For once, he did not travel with his pet. It was abnormal for him, but the night wasn’t about his needs, or his pet’s needs. He needed to tend to Tallis and Gannon. Their needs were paramount. The leopard can go for a walk anytime.

Gannon and Tallis walked through the palace, out the royal quarters and through the administrative wing as onlookers and well-wishers watched in silence. Turi followed behind them, at a distance, to keep with protocol for his sister and to afford the young couple a bit of privacy.

They walked outdoors and along the quiet lake, then out past the courtyards until they reached the gazebo. Turi had outdone himself. Candles lit the pathway all the way up to the gazebo and small lights covered the outside of the structure.

Gannon peeked over at his betrothed and saw her stifle a smile. She was a conundrum.

They arrived to a beautifully arranged dinner, complete with starched white linens, perfect blue dinnerware, and the palace’s finest silver cutlery.

Gannon smiled as he thought of Dillion’s advice. He followed it to the letter – held her seat, placed the napkin in her lap…and flattery, lots of flattery.

Turi placed the white teacup in the center of the table, directly in front of Tallis. He nodded to her, they had passed a message. Gannon didn’t need to hear it to know. Turi had been embarrassed as much as his uncle and his noble house. He was tiring of Tallis’ antics. He needed it to end tonight.

Turi stepped away as the servants brought trays of food and drinks, and the couple began talking. They would need privacy tonight if anything were to progress beyond the general awkwardness as of late.

“I apologize for the queen this afternoon. She was a bit harsh.”

“It was necessary, I understand her position, House Lupuna’s position. I haven’t made things easy for myself lately. You seemed out of sorts. Were you nervous?”


Pictured – the teacup that won’t go away. What does Gannon have to do to get this monkey off his back? And how far is the Lady Tallis willing to go to get what she wants?