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2012-04-14 15.52.51Ok, so I submitted Wild Royal to a company on invitation…then I heard nothing back from them.

Procrastination and Fear of Rejection

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Fear makes me do silly things: Turning on the light in a dark room after watching a scary movie; not sleeping in the lovely finished basement because I fear the killer clown from my childhood nightmares lives under the steps. It also made me procrastinate about drafting the cover letter to my novel. The novel that went through four re-writes over several years. I was too busy to sit down and draft it. There were too many other pressing things that needed to get done, or so I told myself. Last weekend I decided, yup, I just plain didn’t want to write it. I did FINALLY draft a cover letter, but only after taking the weekend and doing everything under the sun but the letter. I kept finding things to do in the house, things that sat for months untouched, suddenly needed my immediate attention. So I procrastinated until there were no other distractions. Finally, the cover letter was born. It is simple, it is three paragraphs, and drafting it allowed me to move forward with this endeavor. I also drafted an author bio, which is requested by some publishers, and the ever-important blurb. I would not have completed those elements had I not stopped procrastinating with the cover letter.

My fear stems, not from actually writing the letter. Rather, having written the letter, I have only one thing left to do – submit, and face either rejection or acceptance. The odds of rejection are rather favorable. Not that I think I wrote a bunch of crap, but I understand the nature of the publishing beast, and it is highly likely that I will be rejected. There it is, and it’s a difficult reality to come to.

All that said, I have completed the cover letter, and the synopsis, and the author bio. Phew! It’s all in the hands of my live-in editor, my second pair of eyes. The next step is out the door, no matter what!