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Posted by Akira | Posted in General Writing, Wild Royal | Posted on 11-09-2010


I was finally able to crank out the remainder of an important scene a couple nights ago after being unable to get the motivation/gumption to just do it. For those who don’t know, I am writing a fantasy erotica novel. It didn’t start out that way, but it morphed into that genre pretty quickly. ¬†Yeah, there’s some talk of mechanics because, well, those are the pages that get dogeared in the books that really sell well. But that’s such a small portion of the sexual experience, both fictionally and in reality. I’m not saying that the physical isn’t the best experience or the most interesting to write, but the most memorable sexual experiences are memorable because of the emotions involved. That first time when everything is awkward and just plain weird, but at the same time (hopefully) full of wonderment and excitement. The time when you realized you loved that guy or girl and that was the best sex you ever had because of the connection you felt at that moment. Those are the hard things to write. I’m just getting to know my characters in that sexual way, and writing ‘men thoughts’ is a foreign experience for me. Of course, I have lots of background documents to draw from so that helps greatly. But nothing helps more than a man’s perspective. A drop of realism goes a long way even in the fantasy realm. It’s the best way to draw in a reader so that when you drop that strange panther hybrid shifter into the mix, you’ve already got them hooked, so their willing to go along with your wild imagination because somehow you’ve made it possible. This next week promises to bring about the completion of the rewrite so I can shelve the book and work on a few projects I’ve put off.