Hello and Welcome Back!

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It’s been a whirlwind of a spring/summer at home this year. Taking time off for our various important days and vacations was a real refresher.

I finally got a chance to recharge my creative batteries and get over the writer’s block that had plagued me in the spring. Meeting new people at GenCon and even leaving the country to travel abroad was such a departure from our usual routines, it all came together to re-ignite my passion for writing and for these characters I care so much about.
I found that I missed poor, tortured Gannon. Time off gave me the clarity to continue the story lines and world building that I had begun years ago with renewed vigor and I love being back!

If you are new to the series, Trials of The Hunt, visit the page and start with Chapter 1. If you have been waiting for the chapters to pick back up, start with Chapter 45. I have many great things in store for the blog and the serial in the very near future and I’m excited to share with my readers!

Happy reading!


Tackling Writer’s Block

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blockYou sit down to write and nothing happens. You decide to check email, maybe Facebook, Pinterist and a couple other social networking sites, and before you know it, you’ve blown through your allotted writing time for the night. You resolve to try it again tomorrow night.  Copy, paste – same thing happens for days in a row. Do you have writer’s block? Are you unable to get words on paper because you can’t get past a mental block?


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Having shelved the novel for a while I started working on an outline. I hadn’t run into a writer’s block, but I did find that I was stuck trying to tie my plots together. I had my romance and I knew how the outcome would be. I had my main plot and I knew how that plot would end. I had my main character’s “journey” detailed so I knew how that would end. The problem was that, in several rewrites, I still hadn’t tied it all together in a neat or semi-neat little package. It was difficult to find the ending to the novel because I just couldn’t tie it all together. Enter Microsoft OneNote. I’m not one to push any type of Microsoft product, but this one has worked for me. I used it in conjunction with a good book, Fill-in-the-Blank Plotting: A Guide to Outlining a Novel Using the Hero’s Journey & Three-Act Structure by Linda George.  I found the book by George THE strategy to use to focus my story and take me through the plotting process to structuring an ending. Using the technique as presented by George was one thing, but I just don’t have the inclination to construct a physical cork board with tons of index cards and push pins. That’s where Microsoft’s OneNote comes in. I used it to simulate the cork board that George presents in her book. It allows the user to create multiple notes of various shapes and sizes and allows the user to move the notes independently of each other all over the screen. It also auto saves so you never have to worry about losing or accidentally deleting a note. It served me well. It is a great electronic cork board and works well for my purposes.