About my blog

I started this blog in 2009 because I knew that I was going to be published within the year and I wanted to build an online presence while I waited for stardom to hit. Right…of course, life got in the way. I was laid off, I DID finish my first novel (which is more than some writers can say), which I am currently rewriting, and a second and third novel, but I also started a paralegal certificate program, got a good job, finished said certificate program, and began and finished a host of other things. I just restarted the blog because I wanted to have a place online to share my experiences with those who care to stop by and see what I’ve been up to. I do hope to eventually build an online presence with this blog, but I’m far more realistic about my expectations, as can be evidenced by the aforementioned rewrite of the first novel.

I will be published. Update: I AM published. Online, through my blog and through Wattpad. I pulled a Nike. I just did it!

I am dedicated and committed to that goal, but again, I am far more realistic about my expectations.

Thanks for stopping by!