Wild Royal (Finished and submitted and withdrawn) – Currently under re-write

Solani Blackfur was exiled from the Unseelie Court and forced to live in the wild as punishment for breaking an oath to the Seelie King, her father. With her only means of survival being hiding in her panther form and becoming a goblin child’s pet, she spent decades under dire conditions, only to be discarded  once again into the harsh wilds like an old child’s toy.  Now, with only herself to depend on, she struggles to reclaim a peaceful life, living in the darkness of the wilds and standing her ground to a violent and ferocious wolf shifter tribe that seeks to claim her new woodland home as their territory.  Cornered and without options, Solani despairs, until one dark night a lone member of the dangerous Wild Hunt discovers her and offers her protection…at a price. Will Solani, for the third time in her life, be pushed out from her home or will she strengthen her resolve and make a stand with the help of her dark protector?