Trials of the Prey – Chapter 3

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road to Ondai

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When we arrived in the stylish village of Ondai, the trail guards fell back while the carriages continued to the inn. The sleepy village was bustling with people shuffling through the busy red-stoned streets. Gardeners and chimney sweeps worked tirelessly and pixie newsboys in suspenders and pageboy hats camped out on the corners selling the afternoon edition of the gazette. Small storefronts with quaint signs hung over their doorways stood in rows surrounded by lush blue grass and neon-colored flower borders. I inhaled and caught the fragrance of daffodils and honeysuckle.

“It’s been a while since I visited a small town like this,” whispered Kirwin. “I suppose you encountered many places like this during your last trip abroad.”

He said the words before he considered how Gannon would receive them. It was well known that his son’s last trip abroad was still considered a point of consternation. He could only hope that he didn’t make this portion of the trip all that more tense between them.

Gannon glanced at his father from the corner of his eye. He meant nothing by it. They had buried the hatchet, as it were, very recently. He’d come to peace with his new role in the royal family. This trip wasn’t about him. Not this time. This trip, and the result, is what was best for the family, for House Lupuna, and for his mother’s memory.

“Horses will be available in the morning, I would suspect. For tonight, we should just find the inn and settle. We’ll have a long day ahead of us.”

“Good idea. Lead the way.”

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