Trials of the Prey – Chapter 2

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Padraig sat up in bed at the break of dawn, his feet hit the floor, head splitting from an unusually stiff sage stick he’d found while searching through Gannon’s side table. The room was still smoky and a body moved beneath the blankets behind him. He glanced behind him briefly, then rested his head in his palms, his elbows on his thighs. He yawned and sighed deeply.

“Shall I call your page, my lord?” whispered a masculine voice from behind him.

“Call my healer. I have a splitting headache.”

“Shall she meet you here, my lord?”

Padraig turned around so quickly the room spun. He grabbed the young man’s long silver hair in his fist and forced his face to his own. “Never summon anyone to meet me here. Do you understand?

The man struggled to nod, tears welling in his eyes, the prince held his hair so tight.

He examined the young elf’s delicate face, the pointy ears, the greenish-blue runes and gray eyes. No one could take Gaduriel’s place, but he might get close this time. “Say yes, my prince.”

“Yes, my prince.”

“Good,” Padraig whispered as he loosened the man from his grip, then he continued speaking as tears fell down the young man’s face, “my quarters before the tea hour will suffice. And have my uncle meet me there as well. I have a ritual to prepare for.”

“Yes, my prince,” he said, bowing his head. When he heard no reply, the young elf clamored off the bed, gathering his clothes as he left the room. He closed the door gently, then leaned against the doorjamb, naked, clutching his clothing to his cold body.

Prince Gannon’s abode was empty. It was known he had left with his father to see to his mother’s proper burial and thus there was no need for staff. The young elf let out a long, quiet sigh, relieved that no one would see this shame. He walked over to the couch and began to dress himself, then left to see to the prince’s wishes.

Padraig smiled as he stood and walked over to Gannon’s side table. He admired himself in the large mirror, then rifled through the items in the drawers. “All out… I suppose I’ll have to pay Turi a visit very soon…”

He walked through the room and got dressed. He took one look around the disheveled bedroom and left through the garden doors. He learned from his previous rituals how to make everyone around him see what he wanted them to see. Padraig simply waved his hand and the guards and mages would see nothing odd about this early morning in Gannon’s garden.

Smiling, Padraig ventured on to his abode, where a hearty breakfast awaited him. He had the maid draw him a bath while he enjoyed a hearty breakfast, alone.

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