Trials of The Hunt – Epilogue

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Courtesy of a pinner on Pinterist

Courtesy of a pinner on Pinterist

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To keep up appearances with the sidhe, Sloane and father had done their best to make our meetings strictly about the business of returning my mother’s remains to her family in the north. I knew they intended me to remain there. They were unsure how all of this loss would affect me. No one could know how my trials would be affected, or even if this was part of my trials. It was Turi who said, “…it can’t all be battles and sword fights.” He had to be right. Father still led the Wild Hunt, and I hadn’t answered the call since that fateful night. The brethren understood my hesitation after what happened the last time I rode with them. Even Orion didn’t bother me about joining them. I needed time. This trip, these trials, were the perfect excuse to take my time from the Horde.
The first raven came when I returned to communing with Taladae; the second, the very night after. The third and final raven appeared just outside my garden window on the night Sloane notified me of our travel plans. Perhaps the ravens were the Morrigan’s way of telling me she had come for my mother. Perhaps they were a sign that Turi was right, my battle had not ended. The trials were ongoing, just not in the way we had all expected. Maybe she was there to protect my father and his rule as he prepared to leave the throne to his queen. Whatever is to be believed, one thing is for certain – ravens have not been seen in Taladae since the end of the Great War. Their presence now is a portent of something great.


It has been an honor to write and research this serial. The ending was very difficult, and was probably the hardest thing to research. Loss, grief, and family strife are difficult subjects for us all. I’m no different, lol! The beginning of the next part of this serial is in the pipeline as we speak. I’m working on chapters and combing the net and library for research material. And, yes, I do go to the actual brick and mortar library to read physical books on research subjects.  There are some things you cannot find online. I’m glad you found Trials of The Hunt online and I hope you stick around for the next chapter in Gannon Lupuna’s journey.

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