Trials of the Prey – Chapter 3

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road to Ondai

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When we arrived in the stylish village of Ondai, the trail guards fell back while the carriages continued to the inn. The sleepy village was bustling with people shuffling through the busy red-stoned streets. Gardeners and chimney sweeps worked tirelessly and pixie newsboys in suspenders and pageboy hats camped out on the corners selling the afternoon edition of the gazette. Small storefronts with quaint signs hung over their doorways stood in rows surrounded by lush blue grass and neon-colored flower borders. I inhaled and caught the fragrance of daffodils and honeysuckle.

Trials of the Prey – Chapter 2

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Padraig sat up in bed at the break of dawn, his feet hit the floor, head splitting from an unusually stiff sage stick he’d found while searching through Gannon’s side table. The room was still smoky and a body moved beneath the blankets behind him. He glanced behind him briefly, then rested his head in his palms, his elbows on his thighs. He yawned and sighed deeply.

Trials of the Prey – Chapter 1

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Epilogue to Trials of The Hunt, Book 1

It had already been a fortnight since Gannon and Kirwin notified the noble houses of their intentions to travel to the Northern Territories. Sloane finalized secure passage to the north by plush horse drawn carriage with red velvet upholstered benches, honey colored floor boards, and dark wood accented with gold embellishments, complete with an accompanying bevy of guards and mages, all on fully barded horses. A single white knight would follow the procession the entire trip, and he’d arranged for members of the avian tribe to act at House Lupuna’s behest as the king’s heralds as the carriage made its way through the Grasslands. He had planned to return his fallen sister-kin in the regalia due someone of her esteemed status.

Trials of The Hunt – Epilogue

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Courtesy of a pinner on Pinterist

Courtesy of a pinner on Pinterist

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To keep up appearances with the sidhe, Sloane and father had done their best to make our meetings strictly about the business of returning my mother’s remains to her family in the north. I knew they intended me to remain there. They were unsure how all of this loss would affect me. No one could know how my trials would be affected, or even if this was part of my trials. It was Turi who said, “…it can’t all be battles and sword fights.” He had to be right. Father still led the Wild Hunt, and I hadn’t answered the call since that fateful night. The brethren understood my hesitation after what happened the last time I rode with them. Even Orion didn’t bother me about joining them. I needed time. This trip, these trials, were the perfect excuse to take my time from the Horde.

Trials of The Hunt – Chapter 73

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As Dillion left to fetch Gannon, Kirwin bent his knees to sit. Magic whirled around the Great Hall and landed where he stood, whipping bits of dust and clay from the ground around his feet. From the red clay ground rose a clean, white bench made of stone and padded with soft, white fur. The Hall provided him with a seat and Sloane joined him.