Trials of The Hunt – Chapter 73

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As Dillion left to fetch Gannon, Kirwin bent his knees to sit. Magic whirled around the Great Hall and landed where he stood, whipping bits of dust and clay from the ground around his feet. From the red clay ground rose a clean, white bench made of stone and padded with soft, white fur. The Hall provided him with a seat and Sloane joined him.

Trials of The Hunt – Chapter 65

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The rooms were empty but well lit. Kirwin, Naois, Sloane, and Gannon sat in leather chairs spread throughout the room. The men all looked at Gannon, who grinned at them. Orion’s hilt flashed a dull blue and the men gasped.

Kirwin cleared his throat and everyone looked at him. “The Unseelie Court sends their regrets to you, Gannon, that your betrothal did not go as planned.”

“I shall send thanks by post in the morning.” His voice began to return to normal, but a low growl would remain until he returned to normal.

“You can thank them face to face in the morning,” Kirwin informed. “Prince Anghus Vodolai is to be our regent. It was decided that you and I will go to him and personally welcome the sidhe to our government.”

“We would have had your brother do it, but he is…you know…” Sloane’s voice trailed off mid-sentence. It wasn’t a pleasant thing to speak of someone who was currently receiving punishment in the dungeons.

“Will either of you attend?” Gannon inquired.

They both shook their heads and Kirwin answered, “This is our unofficial official first meeting. Too many Lupuna’s present and Queen Donella would have sent her army with Anghus.”

“I see.”

The room grew quiet, too quiet for Gannon’s taste. With a shock of magic that crawled across his body like a sheet pulled from his skin, he slowly returned to fae – the fur, the claws, the snout, the ears all returned to his normal dark, cocoa skin and long, brown dread locs that settled around his shoulders.

“What is to be my role in this new…government? You could release Padraig long enough for him to take a place by your side then return him to his punishment, but you won’t. That means something.” He’d never been given an official role in government before just recently, and that was only because he was representing the Horde on the council. This was more courtly politics.

Sloane answered, smiling, “Because you serve on the council now, we think it best if you work with them and the sidhe to ratify a new constitution.”


“Your father and Anghus thought it best when…if…the treaties were scuttled, the only way to keep Taladae and the Unseelie Court enjoined, barring bloodshed, was to agree on a joint constitution,” Naois explained.

“Padraig is the lorekeeper, wouldn’t he be best suited for this?”

“He is the heir,” Kirwin responded, and he continued sighing, “I know you tire of hearing that, but he won’t have a moment to conduct the political play involved in making all sides come together to ratify a constitution while he’s busy trying to hold the reins to our government as the sidhe try to take over.”

Gannon looked at his father. “Are you leaving government?”

“I can’t. Not now. But there can’t be a regent, a king and an heir. If Padraig were a child then I could rule until he comes of age, but he’s taken some of his rituals. One of us has to go. Padraig is the empire’s future. I can rule from the wings, but the people must see him working to maintain order with the sidhe. It’s important that you understand that.”

His brother sat in the dungeon, probably sipping tea and eating sweet pastries, oblivious to his importance in the immediate rule of this kingdom. He chuckled, startling the others.

“What’s funny?” asked Sloane.

“Has anyone told Padraig? Does he know that while he thinks he’s going to rule, and he thinks you’re stepping down from government, really you and Anghus will rule in the shadows and he is to be the puppet whilst his baby brother, whom he abhors, works publicly with members of each government to ratify a new constitution?”

He laughed again and the elder brothers looked at each other.

Sloane responded, almost whispering, “We need you, Gannon. In more ways than one, we need you to make this work. Your brother’s jealousies notwithstanding, we need the people to see all Kirwin’s sons working with the sidhe to get Taladae out of regency status. The three of you are the future of the ruling house. If you cannot work together to mend these fences with the sidhe, the people will call for referendum. They will work to get rid of our nobility. That will destabilize the empire and the sidhe will march on Taladae. Rebellion, war, all at once, will come to Taladae.”

“I haven’t said no. Of course I will do whatever is asked of me. I just want you to see what the future holds for us. When Padraig rejoins us, he will feel the true punishment is watching me work in his capacity.”

“I will keep him busy, you have my word,” Kirwin promised.

“I should get some rest. It’s been a long day. And apparently I have an important meeting tomorrow. I should get ready for that too.”

Gannon made the unusually long trip back to his abode. He walked through the large domed entryway, now cordoned off where he had destroyed the black marble floor. The mages, at once laughing behind his back because of his failed betrothal, now bowed their heads when he passed as a show of respect. He’d just defeated an air golemn without wearing any armor, with only a sword and his change to hybrid. He was a power to be reckoned with. He reached his abode and a guest awaited him.

“Turi, what brings you here so late?”

“I heard what happened. In the palace, no less. I saw the entryway. Are you alright?”

Gannon opened the door and Turi followed him inside.

“I’m fine. No healer needed this time.” Gannon went to the study and Turi followed. “Shouldn’t you be guarding Tallis or something?”

“She and her ladies-in-waiting are auditioning your father’s guards. Only the most handsome need apply.”

“They’re aiming low, I see, what with both Dill and I temporarily ineligible.” Gannon searched his study for history books. It had been a long time since he’d been a student of the sidhe culture. He needed the night to refresh his memory.



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This story arch is dedicated to my dear hubby. He has been my D&D dungeon master and all around fantasy gaming master for years now. His theory that summoned creatures come from somewhere and are not always thrilled to be summoned to “our realm” to perform for us, is the driving force behind my summoned creatures. My summoned creatures are not always sentient beings, but when they are…things happen. Thank you, DM Dreads, for giving me this idea of where those creatures come from and how they feel about being summoned.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Apologies for the bombardment of new chapters  of Trials of The Hunt tonight, Christmas Eve. When the muse hits, she demands action! I have been inactive for while now and she was getting tired of me dragging my feet at this stage of the serial.



Return from Fall Break

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My, my how time flies! Summer came and went; Fall was here and gone in a flash and now it’s already Winter. I took some much needed breaks in between the writing, reading, and a promotion at work and now I’m finally ready to get back to Trials of The Hunt. I’m excited and disappointed and anxious all at the same time. This last section of the serial will tie up some loose ends, wrap up some story plots and lead on to another serial. It will also launch me into shopping around my book. It’s like an ending and a beginning all at once. Talk about your mixed feelings. But it’s all part of the process, part of what I’ve expected from the beginning and hopefully, part of what my readers would like – continuation of this story and a broader glimpse into the world I’ve created with these characters. It’s taken a long time to get to this point but it has been worth it all the way. I can only hope that the final installments of Trials of The Hunt live up to the reputation of the series and lead my readers to want more!

Happy reading!!